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This works because Joplin still preserves case for imported Evernote tags. It appears you can use a similar dodge to trick Evernote into including various UTF characters in tags. In that case you would start in Evernote and rename the Evernote tag, say „i2c” by copying and pasting the UTF version „I²C” from your computer’s clipboard. When importing your shuttle note Joplin will internally sigh and say „Fine, be that way” and then give you your desired tag. There is something to it, but on the other hand, why not to give yourself a little bit of extra validation? Want to have consistently lower-case only tags?

In ANSI builds, finds characters requiring two bytes, like in the Shift-JIS encoding. The Filters list works the same way as described in the previous Find in Files section. Only Project Panels which are currently open can be searched. The checkmarks of Project Panels which are not currently open are grayed out. By setting it to Always, you can see how transparent the dialog will be while moving the slider, which can help prevent making it too transparent to see. My guess is that the chat window got rid of the tags on most of those.

Fix Notepad++ Autosave Not Working & Restore Lost Files

You now need to „un-pretty-print” the file back into two lines. Copy it back AOO and look for your lower case AutoCorrects, and add a line below with the upper case, getting as above, where I added the AAAA after the aaaa line. I have tried different combinations in the Autocorrect Options but have not hit on the solution.

Just as an FYI, this setting seems to be profile specific. Any users needing this feature will need the setting changed under their login. I recently ran into this issue with an internal website. A billion different intranet pages for each dept and had them all locally deployed… Anywho in order for an html link to launch a local app it needs to be a .hta page.

  • You can take advantage of more supported languages and over 140 plugins.
  • You may also receive ICS reminders for an upcoming birthday, holiday, trip, party, or other events.
  • Obviously, on an x64 machine, Notepad++ would be found under theProgram Files directory.

Check the run Notepad++v8.4.7 from the below setup window. Below the screenshot, you can select the installer language of Notepad++. If you need it, you can even install and use Microsoft Visual Studio Code.

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Before reading your post, I knew very little about Regex, and thanks to this article I knew a lot more. The above is a brilliant method that doesn’t need sorting of the lines. The duplicate rows can be located anywhere in the text file and they’re not reordered. This removes all the duplicate lines leaving out the original. As a bonus, it also removes blank lines automatically. This post has many Notepad++ find & replace examples and other useful Notepad++ tips for different scenarios.

Notepad Next – A viable alternative for the Notepad++ editor

Move caret left one word, position cursor at end of word, extending selection to new caret position. Move caret to before first visible character on line. If already there move to first character on line.

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